Quality Assurance



Precise control and high standards: Our quality assurance for top-notch products

The quality of the vessels is always our top priority. Through comprehensive inspection procedures, mix-up checks, ferrite content measurements, and acceptances in accordance with applicable guidelines, we ensure the highest standards and certifications.

Our quality assurance includes:

  • Ferrite content measurements for material integrity
  • Conducting acceptances with corresponding certificates according to AD leaflet HP 0, Ö-Norm, SVDB, and § 19 WHG
  • Dye penetrant inspections
  • X-ray inspections
  • Surface roughness measurements
  • X-ray fluorescence analysis (RFA) (material analysis)
  • Ferrite content measurements
  • Visual inspection of weld seams
  • Endoscopy
  • Conducting acceptances with our customers and by external testing authorities
  • Certifications according to AD 2000-MB HP-0, EN ISO 3834-3; Specialist company according to WHG in accordance with § 62 (1) AwSV

With advanced technologies and a dedicated team, we are your reliable partner for innovative solutions and the highest quality standards in production and technology.


Binder vessel configurator

The BINDER Vessel Configurator is the tool that gives you control over your requirements! “Configure it your way!” is more than just a motto; it is your ticket to the world of customized container solutions. Our user-friendly configurator allows you to perform precise volume calculations and design vessels according to your individual requirements. Whether you are preparing inquiries or optimizing your processes, with the BINDER Vessel Configurator, you have the tools to turn your visions into reality. The best part? The use is completely free of charge.

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