Construction of apparatus and vessels



Innovative solutions for efficient apparatus and vessel construction design and fabrication of pressure vessels

Our expertise lies in the customized construction of stainless steel vessels, where individual solutions are our particular strength.

In the planning of each vessel, we leave nothing to chance. Using our modern CAD systems, we design and construct each vessel according to your specific requirements. The CAD data seamlessly transfers to the manufacturing machines to ensure precise and error-free production.

Our construction processes not only consider your internal standards but also the requirements that the stored product imposes on the vessels. This allows for the use of various stainless steel grades, ranging from 1.4301 to materials such as No. 1.4539 or 1.4529, as well as nickel-based alloys like Hastelloy C 4 or C 22. This ensures optimal compatibility of the media with the vessel.

Our service offerings in the field of construction and vessel manufacturing include:

  • Individual planning
  • Calculation of pressure vessels according to AD2000 and EN13445
  • Detailed planning using CAD
  • Creation of comprehensive documentation
  • Conducting TÜV inspections

Our “All-in-One” approach enables fast and seamless project turnaround times. Trust in our experience in vessel construction and technology to ensure high-quality constructions and reliable quality assurance.


Binder vessel configurator

The BINDER Vessel Configurator is the tool that gives you control over your requirements! “Configure it your way!” is more than just a motto; it is your ticket to the world of customized container solutions. Our user-friendly configurator allows you to perform precise volume calculations and design vessels according to your individual requirements. Whether you are preparing inquiries or optimizing your processes, with the BINDER Vessel Configurator, you have the tools to turn your visions into reality. The best part? The use is completely free of charge.

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