BINDER – Your expert for custom apparatus and containers in pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, and cosmetics

With years of experience and a strong focus on quality and innovation, we offer customized solutions that meet the specific requirements of each branche.


There are no standardized pharmaceutical containers or traditional cosmetic containers. The apparatus and containers we manufacture are customized. They must meet the specific requirements of the processes that are intended to take place within them.

Size: Processes in different industries vary significantly in scale. A laboratory process may require equipment and vessels with a useful volume of < 1 liter, while other processes may require volumes of < 30,000 liters. We can offer you containers in all sizes.

Surface: The surfaces of our vessels are adapted according to the requirements. We offer ground and electropolished surfaces with roughnesses of Ra < 0.2µm, for example, for the biopharmaceutical industry, while we mainly produce pickled or glass bead-blasted surfaces for the chemical or food industry.

Nozzles/Connections: The choice of standards and types for nozzles/connections depends primarily on specific requirements. If CIP/SIP capability is required, we use special aseptic nozzles and flanges with dead-space-free geometry. For lower requirements for cleanability or sterility, simple threaded fittings or smooth flanges can also be used. We are ready to understand your requirements to offer customized solutions.

Documentation: Especially in the pharmaceutical industry, our systems and components undergo equipment validation, for which precise documentation is essential. Our individual documentation includes various contents such as weld seam documentation, surface roughness, material certificates all individual parts as well as seals. These contents are named upon request during the order process and created during the manufacturing process. Our documentation complies with GMP and FDA standards.



Binder vessel configurator

The BINDER Vessel Configurator is the tool that gives you control over your requirements! “Configure it your way!” is more than just a motto; it is your ticket to the world of customized container solutions. Our user-friendly configurator allows you to perform precise volume calculations and design vessels according to your individual requirements. Whether you are preparing inquiries or optimizing your processes, with the BINDER Vessel Configurator, you have the tools to turn your visions into reality. The best part? The use is completely free of charge.

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